Financial institutions such as banks and investment companies are under tremendous pressure in today’s market to deliver products and services to consumers while they remain relevant. This requires adherence to a variety of compliance and regulatory requirements. Comfnet helps meet these requirements by creating digitally transformed experiences for your business. Through our services, your company will be able to stay competitive, agile, enhance customer centricity and thereby be able to move towards market consolidation through growth and profitability.

Capital Markets

Through partnerships with asset managers, custody and fund administrators, investment banks and brokerage firms we accelerate client onboarding time and also reduce the cost to serve. This process of transformation across the front, middle and back offices ensures profitability for your organization.

Non-Banking Financial Institutions

Comfnet supports FinTech, credit bureaus and rating agencies through its digital shared service models. These models make use of leverage automation, cloud platforms analytics to streamline operating costs.

Banking, Credit Cards and Wealth Management

Our company focuses on providing help to commercial, retail and credit card companies. This is achieved by gathering the most valuable customers for every product with the help of our advanced analytics, digital customer acquisition and domain-focused solutions.



Our approach to digital allows us to join our domain and data experience with available innovative technology to result in powerful outcomes for our clients. We make use of AI, Machine Learning, analytics and robotics to exceed goals and not just meet them. By using the needs of our clients as the foundation to build solutions, rather than the other way around, our digital solutions position our clients to improve customer experience, business outcomes and intelligent execution.


Most financial institutions are facing more challenges than ever before from Fintech startups and increasingly demanding as well as stringent requirements of the market in a bid to meet customer expectations. To ease this situation, Comfnet has orchestrated solutions based on Digital Intelligence to aid companies in overcoming these challenges to realize their business goals. We enable businesses to remain competitive in a dynamic environment by using analytics for risk quantification and deep customer insights in the financial domain.

Finance and Accounting

Comfnet makes use of Digital Intelligence to deliver full-scale F&A function solutions in line with risk and compliance. Automation and leading proprietary technology from us make this possible for companies.


The importance of huge volumes of data cannot be undermined, and such data will only be required more every year. To manage such data, Comnet provides strategic and implementation services based on Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Management. Our passionate data experts are specialists in data architecture.

We are experts in cloud, data integration, data quality, data governance and data management, and make use of a methodology that embraces Agile and Lean principles. We ensure that our clients are able to increase operational effectiveness, exceed customer expectations and also reduce risk.


Comfnet holds tremendous experience in the consulting field, having worked with clients across a variety of industries with objectives such as accelerating revenue growth and increasing profitability. We are adept at changing business approaches as per dynamic environments, and are also able to change business models. Through business intelligence and analytics we are able to chart out measurable roadmaps for organizational transformation.

Operations Management

The objectives of our Operations Management principles are to enhance process efficiency while keeping down business costs. Our company has forged partnerships with payment providers and banks to enhance operations, manage risk and delight the customer despite using overall costs. Comfnet experts use innovative technology across numerous aspects of banking operations, including treasury management, fraud operations, financial spreading, commercial risk and retail equity triage.

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