eCommerce IT solutions

Ecommerce is clearly the buzzword for the growth of any industry in today’s times. Businesses have completely changed the way they cater to the needs of their customers over the past decade. Ecommerce solutions by Comfnet have been designed to keep pace with industries. We provide these solutions across a wide number of industries, ranging from startups to large size enterprises.

How will ecommerce help you?

A website for your business will be able to attract significant online traffic over time. We will ensure that your website delivers high performance at all times and is able to generate profitability through displayed products and services.

At Comfnet, we can either prepare an ecommerce website from scratch or upgrade an existing one. Our partnerships with wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers allow us to build ecommerce solutions to give users the best digital experiences. We create innovative web and mobile app solutions by using emerging technologies to deliver an omnichannel experience, thereby increasing your bottom line.

Web Portal Development

We specialize in the development of user-friendly and intuitive content management interfaces to update and maintain your ecommerce website. The SEO-friendly design will help you expand business at a rapid rate.

Development of E-carts

We develop the most secure e-carts in the market so that you can carry out business transactions with complete peace of mind. Our high performance e-carts ensure seamless shopping experiences for customers around the globe.

B2B Ecommerce Solutions

Our customers find it much easier to carry out B2B transactions using the right B2B ecommerce solutions. We adhere to this demand by automating the transaction process between wholesaler and manufacturer or wholesaler and retailer, ensuring that it is seamless and hassle-free.

Omnichannel User Experience

Every business has to make use of various channels to convert leads into customers, and we create designs to ensure that every experience is a delightful one. Our developers help you make use of ecommerce for the entire journey, and not just for a one-time interaction.

Customer Loyalty Programs

We create coupon solutions for customer loyalty to eliminate the use of transaction-based systems. Such solutions will help you establish deep connects with customers on a regular basis.

Upcoming Technology-
Based Ecommerce Solutions


This is a unique way to market your business in order to stand from cutthroat competition. The beacon is a low-powered transmitter with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which allows you to deliver contextual messages to customers as per proximity. A Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone within its range can display related notifications, and now you can ask us to set it up for you.

Artificial Intelligence

Tools based on Artificial Intelligence can help in advanced searches so that a user’s preferences can be directly linked to individual images. Through our tools, your customer would have a highly personalized experience on your website.

Digital Wallet

A digital wallet makes a customer’s transaction on your website secure by not passing card details to your website. We have the technical knowledge to prepare such digital wallets so that you do not lose customers trying to fill long forms.

Virtual Assistants

Voice-based assistants are currently creating waves in the ecommerce industry. You too can make use of them by asking for our chatbots or virtual assistants and enable your customers to get to the next level of user experience.

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